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Here to help you sell your home or re-design your living space!


Welcome to Chic it Up! 


My name is Sara Cherry, I am a wife, mother and manic tidy-upper.

Chic it Up was born out of my passion for home decor, and harmonious living spaces.

As a USC™ Certified UltimateStager™ & ReDesigner, I am qualified, insured and professional!

Let me help you sell your home or re-design your living space!

My husband and I managed the building of our first home, a number of years ago- I found myself fascinated by how decorating and accessorizing a room enhanced its function and ambiance. Having had the opportunity to live in three very different countries and helping a few friends redecorate their homes, I have had the chance to refine a hobby that I loved enough to turn it into a career! It has never been a chore for me to express my creative flair on each and every home that I brought my talent to. As well as that, I have been able to explore different tastes in cultures along the way, giving me a unique edge as a Home Stager.



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Home Staging - Sell your home!

Did you know?

The way we live in our home is not necessarily the best way to market and sell our home! Only 10% of home buyers can see the potential of an un-staged property. They find it difficult to visualize themselves in your home. 

As a USC™Certified UltimateStager™ & ReDesigner, I can help you accentuate the positives and minimize the negatives. With Chic it up, your home has the potential to be sold for 10-15% more! 



Together, we can create a desirable living space for you or your buyer!

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"Sara is very passionate about her clients, is always striving to achieve the absolute best result with every staging. Sara utilizes her professional training, combined with her personal desire, to make everyone's experience a pleasurable and faithful one. We values Sara's commitment to her work and so do her clients!"

Eileen Taylor, USC™ 
     Certified UltimateStager™

      & ReDesigner



We cater to Montreal, West Island and surrounding areas 

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Sara Cherry

Tel: 514 993 1633

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